The way to Upgrade Your Pc

I was asking yourself in case you could possibly give some assistance on what i really should do relating to my present Computer. I'm leaning towards a new pc all collectively but was pondering if perhaps some straightforward upgrades would get my existing pc up to scratch?

My Curret Computer has the following specs:AMD Athlon XP 3200+, 2200 MHz,512 MB Ram, NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 
150GB Difficult Drive and i have an NTFS file technique (in the event you required that)

It is a property pc that is certainly primarily IE browsing / storage of music. films ect and games. I dont play any shooters / racing games that demand rapid FPS but typically method draining method games that have tons of units on screen or games that have enormous databases (football manager ect)

If you are just searching for a little much more performance out of what you have currently got, then one more stick of RAM is the simplest remedy. Just make sure you get a stick that is from the exact same type as what is already installed for the most effective outcomes. Judging by the specs you have talked about I'm betting you have got DDR right now, so you just need to find the speed.

Open up the situation and possess a search inside. you might be capable of see the label on the stick with out obtaining to eliminate it. You happen to be looking for some thing along the lines of "DDR 400" or "PC3200" which indicate the speed.

In case you can't see the tag then you happen to be going to need to take it out. So:

1. Turn off the power.

2. Touch the metal of one's case to discharge any static you might has built up.

3. Press down on the small tabs on either side with the RAM slot simultaneously. You might must press them a little tough, but the RAM really should pop up within the slot and be effortlessly removable. It really is also greatest to turn your situation on its side so it is possible to operate down onto the elements from above so you don't have to worry about the situation tipping over.

four. When removing and dealing with your RAM attempt to take care of it by the edges, and stay away from touching the metal contact pins as significantly as you possibly can.

I genuinely reccommend against taking the RAM with you to the retailer unless you might have an anti-static bag to carry it in. I've noticed some quite well-meaning people ruin perfectly great RAM by putting it inside a plastic grocery bag [very staticky] or straight into their pocket.

Right after all that installing the RAM is pretty considerably the identical process in reverse, just make sure you match up the notch in the pins with all the small nubby-thing within the RAM slot. And if you've never installed RAM prior to... yeah, you have truly got to push on it to get it in sometimes.
And that, my friend, is what individuals occasionally spend technicians upwards of $40 to do. Put a stick in a slot. What you really should know is what most frequent speed for ddr now is 400mhz and as for the processor AMD features a slightly diverse way of calulating their clock speed e.g. I have an AMD 3800+ however the actual clock speed is two.

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